Working with railways....?

Study Railway Management and Engineering at DTU

Working with Metro systems, High Speed Lines, Electrification, Signalling, Planning, Design and Maintenance of existing lines - nationally or abroard....these are just some of the possibilities you have if you choose courses from the railway study programme at DTU

Railway studies - a world of opportunities....

DTU offers a MSc study programme within Railway Management and Engineering, and a BEng within Mobility, Transport and Logistics. 

DTU offers four study programmes within the field of traffic and transport planning. The programmes includes both a BEng in Mobility, Transport and Logistics and a MSc in Transport and Logistics

So where do you find the railway courses among DTU's many transport courses?

As the only university in Denmark, DTU offers as one of the four programmes a MSc study line within the field of railways: Railway Management and Engineering. The study line prepares the students on the planing and operation of a system that allows large volumes of passengers and freight to be transported fast, safe and efficiently. The study line combines the technical infrastructure (track, signalling etc.) with the field of planning and management.

As a student at the Railway study line you have the opportunity to engage with the railway industry. You can meet the business both as guest lecturer on the courses, and not least in the preparation of your projects or final thesis. DTU has a database with student project proposals from the industry and this can be an entry point to match the business and students.

The railway business is a large and multi-disciplinary industry. If you are looking for inspiration for your future career, your possibilities after graduation etc., you can find interviews with  former students on this page (the top right). Furthermore DTU regularly organises career events. The last was held November 8th 2016 where five younger engineers presented their work and their impression of the industry. The presentations were recorded and can be watched here.


At the Railway Study Line, it is mandatory to follow these courses:

42880 Railway Operations and Management Autumn semester 5 ECTS
34345 Signalling Systems and Technology for Railways 
(technological specialisation course)
Autumn semester 5 ECTS

Rolling Stock acquisition and Management
(technological specialisation course)

June 5 ECTS


Candidates can freely choose from the following courses:

02431 Risk Management January 5 ECTS
42372 Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems Autumn semester 10 ECTS
42877 Railway Design and Maintenance Spring semester  10 ECTS
42886 Optimisation of operational transport systems Autumn semester 5 ECTS
42887 Vehicle Routing and Distribution Planning Autumn semester 5 ECTS

Furthermore, there is a list of suggested elective courses - for a full list visit the website for the MSc study line


 DTU also offers a BEng in Mobility, Transport and Logistics. The students at this study line have a railway engineering course, and there are several logistics and optimisation courses where the students can choose to focus on rail-related cases.

In addition, the compulsory internship in the fifth semester could take place in a railway company - either public company such as Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark) og DSB - or a consulting company working with railways both nationally or internationally. There are many good opportunities for internships in the industry.

Finally, the BEng final diploma project can focus on a rail-related issue. The diploma project can e.g. be prepared in close cooperation with a public or private railway company. DTU has a project database which makes it possible to match the industry and the students.



You are very welcome to cantach RailTech DTU if you have any questions about the study lines, about internships or about the possibilities of collaboration between students and industry.